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What is Synergy School?

The Synergy School was founded in 2004 as a testiment that education could achieve the results desired by teachers, parents and the government. Over the following 6 years, the school demonstrated not only THAT it could be done, but HOW it could be done as well. At the end of 2010, Robin handed over the running and ownership of the school to a group of passionate parents who were committed to contuning this legacy for their children, and those still to come.

This site still holds the details of that period of time and needs to be viewed in that light. Although the Synergy Schooling Approach remains the same as it was deisigned in 2004, it will vary and change according to the changing needs of education.

Synergy Schooling is a new approach emerging out of the need for an educational vision that addresses the complex needs of human development in the 21st century.
We seek to develop the skills, knowledge and life wisdom that children need to foster their individual talents, passions, dreams and potential to achieve synergies throughout their lives through experiential learning and quality relationships.

Our goal at Synergy School is to create a schooling experience that ranges from pre-school through to high school. We aim to build an amiable school, where children, teachers and families feel at home and are welcome partners in an on-going exchange of ideas and dialogue.

The school consciously encourages the construction of shared meanings between children, parents and the broader community, and facilitates environments where culture is not learnt but created. In our South African context, this offers an exciting paradigm for the understanding and growth of our diversities. To achieve that, we place dialogue, communication and relationship skills at the heart of what we do.

We believe that the empowerment of people is developed and realised in relationships, between children, teachers, parents, and in communities.

Our approach encourages the growth of core values and strong inner personalities, fundamental to the creation of meaningful, passionate, and productive lives.

Our curriculum and all our activities draw fully on cognitive, emotional and symbolic experiences, seeking to ensure rich and meaningful learning for each child and the group. Central to the curriculum is personal awareness and responsibility, emotional intelligence, the articulation of our identities, attitude and the development of learning skills.

The general environment is to encourage students, teachers and parents to learn directly from their experiences (academic and life) and to provide space and support for reflection and review.

We are active in exploring new content and methodology, seeking to always remain open to appropriate innovation and change.

At the same time Synergy School positions itself in a global context of educational development and sees itself as a strategic pioneer of this approach to authentic living and learning in South Africa.

Welcome to Synergy School.

We look forward to working in partnership with you.