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Synergy market day: Consistently growing number of studentsSynergy market day: Consistently growing number of students.

A bit of history...

Synergy Schooling was publicly launched in Cape Town in February 2004. We acquired the property a few months later in November 2004 and opened our doors 2 months later with our first intake of 5 children.

The emphasis of building up such a schooling approach required us to be in action on the approach opposed to articulating too much theory about what we should be doing. As such, there was the continual challenge of running such a small school while articulating an approach that meets the requirements of a full school.

It was decided that running the school as a section 21 company (not-for-profit) would demonstrate that this schooling approach is driven by an educational emphasis that is community owned and managed.

The history of the land is that is used to be a vegetable farm, a pig farm, a touch farm, a therapy centre, a bar and many other things it seems. The bottom sections of the field used to be underwater during winter time so we had to raise the field a bit.

Over the following 3 years, the school increased in its numbers, learning and redefining its vision and mission. What is amazing is that since it's beginnings, the Synergy Schooling Approach has not needed to be revised or re-defined.

As it was written by Robin Booth in 2004, so it still stands today. Yes, we keep developing the methodologies, introducing new components and exciting modules, but essentially the core concepts and understandings of the approach have held true to this day.

At the end of 2010, Robin handed over the running and ownership of the school to a group of passionate and commited parents. Their commitment stands to implement the Synergy Schooling Approach for the continued succes of their children, and those still to come.

Here are some of the old photos of the land when we started.