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Synergy and other Schools

There are many difference between the Synergy Schooling Approach and other schooling philosophies. Below are some of the main differences, and on the right you can choose to explore further differences between other known approaches here in South Africa.

Current educational perspectives view the schooling process as the preparation for a future career.

The Synergy Schooling experience is a life-long process of learning the process of life. It is an experience opposed to an institution. Hence it should not be viewed as an isolated organisation that 'takes care of' the academic education of your child. We do not view the schooling experience to just be the 'preparation' of the future, but of continual living and learning rooted in the present and of shaping the future.

The Synergy Curriculum focuses on life learning and the development of dynamic people with an ability to realise their dreams and passions.

The general environment is to encourage students to learn directly from their experiences (academic and life) and to provide space and support for reflection and review. Within the curriculum, space is given to create, develop and reflect on our evolving selves and our relationships.

We believe the realisation of personal potential is expressed through relationships. Therefore our environment is structured around varying intensities of social and personal exchange.

Currently academic intelligence is still viewed as the most important element of education and this is reflected as the dominant curriculum.

The Synergy Process views cognitive and academic intelligence as vital for the development of personal and human potential. At the same time we place greater emphasis on the thinking, emotional and social intelligences as these directly effect our well-being and are the foundation onto which we can build the academic skills. Central to the curriculum is personal awareness and responsibility, the articulation of our identities, attitude and the development of learning skills

We agree with the trend that many schools are incorporating life skills learning into their programme. It's just a matter of detail, understanding and degree.

Synergy Schooling accelerates this transformation and brings a new definition of life skills learning to the educational paradigm. We view the whole schooling process as life skills learning, and not just allocated to a subject or time slot.